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I’m the kind of girl who, while I did dream of meeting Prince Charming, more often than not, dreamt of the glorious library I’d find at the castle … one with a large, stone fireplace, big comfy chairs, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with beautifully bound books, and rolling ladders on which I could coast from adventure to adventure. *swoon!*

Of course, over the years I realized sometimes Prince Charming comes to you in the form of a pauper. Sometimes you must build that library, book-by-book. And sometimes that’s the most magical way to go about it.

I’ve also learned that many times the greatest adventures in reading come only in the classroom. Perhaps we so despised the wretched works assigned us, we vowed never again to read a classic. Perhaps we’re simply too busy, scattered, or lazy to search them out. Whatever the reason, we tend to go through life leaning toward the books we know.

Pity, really.

After all, there are centuries upon centuries of grand adventures to be had. One moment we could be battling the gods, the next, bumbling about at Blandings Castle. One moment we could be seeing how far we’ve come, the next, realizing how little we’ve changed.

We mustn’t miss out.

And that’s where The Bibliophile’s Adventurers Club comes in. It’s the place to meet with other bookish sorts, to share and explore the wide world of books. It’s where you’ll find the next book to add to your library. Where you’ll learn, as John Kieran, that “[you] are a part of all [you] have read” – and really, that’s quite a lot.

So here’s to you, and books … and the grandest reading adventures of them all!

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  1. Oh this is fantastic! And i must say, the stars/flowers look great now when it’s actually in the blog! 😉
    So exciting this is up again.

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