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Friday Field Notes 081415


This marked the first week back after traveling for three weeks. Needless to say, the weekend has never looked so good. I plan to crack open Outlander, which I didn’t get to, despite the fact I carried the book in my carry-on–overseas. Not that I would change anything, mind. I’m fairly certain I’d be thrown off-kilter if I didn’t have a book to read . . . just in case. And here’s hoping it would have made for good holiday reading, if only I would have had the time for such shenanigans.

In other bookish news . . .

If you’re looking to write a bestseller, you might want to look into the Master Class taught by James Patterson.

If, by some chance, you’re not sure where to begin with the works of Stephen King, here’s a reader’s guide (The Oyster Review).

James McBride is working on a book about James Brown, titled Kill ‘em, and Leave (ABC News).

Bustle lists nine words about reading that every book nerd needs to know. Book bosomed? Why yes, thank you, I am.

The Smithsonian gives us access to the world’s oldest multicolor printed book. Printed in 1633, its pages were much too fragile to turn—but thanks to digital imaging, we can now flip through it with ease (and no lasting trauma).

Ta-Nehisi Coates talks books (The New Yorker).  He states, “. . . I still believe in that, you know? That stories should sometimes thrill people.” I totally agree.

Speaking of which, The Story of Kullervo, a 1914 manuscript by J.R.R. Tolkien, will soon be published (PBS). So, there’s that.

And finally, we bid a final farewell to Ann McGovern. Chances are good, you’ve read one of her children’s books at one time or another (Stone Soup, anyone?). “’Sometimes,’ she once observed, ‘when I look at a sad, shy face in the audience, I see the lonely child I once was and I hope that maybe my words can have some influence on a life’” (The Washington Post). I’m fairly certain she got her wish, several times over.

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  1. Nice catch up! I’ve got a stack of books devoted to Stephen King that I need to get through. Under the Dome, why are you so thick?!

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